About NII

Helping the Nonprofit Sector Do Good… Better

Nonprofit Innovations, Inc. develops, tests, and shares tools and models that assist organizations in leveraging their resources to provide adequate, appropriate and timely food assistance to anyone in need.

Not Your Average Nonprofit Organization

NII was designed from the ground up to adapt nimbly to new ideas and changing circumstances, with as little overhead as possible. We partner with other groups to get more use out of existing resources and equipment, and use modern technology to keep our fixed expenses to a minimum. As a result, we can experiment and try new things much more easily than most traditional nonprofits.

Open to New Ideas

We know we don’t have a monopoly on inspiration, so if you’ve ever found yourself thinking “There should be a nonprofit organization that…”, we’d love to hear from you! The best way to share your idea is by e-mailing our Executive Director, Jeff Thomas.

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