Hunger Hunters

More than a decade ago, Feeding America West Michigan pioneered the use of beverage delivery trucks as mobile food pantries to provide fruits, vegetables, bread, and other nutritious perishable food to hungry people living in areas underserved by the traditional food pantry system. Since that time, mobile food pantries have proven themselves to be the single most cost-effective way to bring charitable food assistance to those in need.

Nonprofit Innovations is working to take the mobile food pantry concept to the next level. By establishing mobile food pantry distribution sites in underserved areas of Kent County and building local support to keep those sites going for the long term, we will help communities “learn to fish” in addressing their hunger problems.

From August 2010 to August of 2012, our mobile food pantries have provided approximately 235,000 pounds of food assistance to people in need.

For more information about Hunger Hunters, please contact Jeff Thomas.

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