We can always use help with our various projects. Volunteer opportunities include:

Mobile Food Pantries

Help distribute food at one of our monthly mobile food pantry sites. Great for exercise and camaraderie, and you get to be face to face with the people you’re helping! Distributions typically last about two hours and are suitable for adult volunteers and students in sixth grade or above. Interested? Drop us an e-mail, or call us at (616) 648-3111.


You can help connect people with the services they need: Visit findafoodpantry.org, contact any of the food pantries in your area that have incomplete information and improve their listings. Or, pick an area anywhere that doesn’t have many entries and see if you can find a pantry or two that we’ve missed to fill in the gaps!

Other Opportunities

We can always use people for one project or another. From designers, to programmers, artists, writers, statisticians and thinkers, let us know what you’re good at and we’ll do our best to find a use for your talents!

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